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Dicmatized:  The Doctor Is In is causing havic on the erotica/romance world.

Dicmatized: The Doctor Is In is causing havic on the erotica/romance world.


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Happy Hump Day Luvs!

Even the problems

Don’t let the problems be your excuses to do nothing. Let them be your motivation to do something positive, effective and valuable.

When you choose to be dismayed by the problems, you set yourself up to experience ever-growing levels of negativity. Yet you can just as realistically choose to be empowered by each problem.

You don’t have to view the problems as piling up on top of you. Instead, see them as stretching out in front of you, forming a pathway to achievement.

By following that path, by making the choice to deal with each problem, you have the opportunity to create massive value. You’re skilled and experienced at making things happen, and each problem is an opportunity to make good, meaningful use of your capabilities.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the problems. Make the decision to feel positive and enthusiastic about the experience of successfully working your way through them.

Even the problems give you ways to add richness and fulfillment to life. Choose to see the positive possibilities, and make that richness your own.

— Ralph Marston

Happy Monday my luvs! Let’s start the week off by being as productive as possible!

Take control

If you don’t think you can, think again. Yes, you absolutely can, and will, achieve what you sincerely desire to achieve.

Every day of your life, you’ve achieved something. Your choices, whatever they may have been, have brought you to where you are right now.

The choices you make today, the priorities you set and follow, will determine where your life goes next. Look forward, envision life at its very best for you and all your world, and then step squarely in that direction.

Let go of the need to pity yourself or to see yourself as some kind of victim. Reach into your unique, beautiful essence and feel the power you have to choose, to act, and to make a difference.

If you feel that life will disappoint you, it will. Yet when you choose to take control, you absolutely will make life into whatever you wish.

Expect the very best, in every moment, on every day. That’s the way you will surely experience it.

— Ralph Marston

Now is your treasure

The only way to enjoy life is to enjoy the moment. The time to experience fulfillment is now.

If it is not now, it is a memory or a speculation. Now is what there is, and it far exceeds being more than enough.

To be truly happy in your life is a matter of simply being happy in the moment. If you limit your happiness to what has been or what might someday be, you cannot be happy.

The way to do what you love is to put real, authentic love into whatever you do. Now is when fulfillment happens and it is always yours to choose.

Instead of obsessing over what could have been or what might could be, celebrate the immense beauty of what is. Open yourself to that beauty and let it fill your awareness.

Now is your treasure and your treasure is now. Live it, now.

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